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Georgetown Basketball: November 1998 News Archive

WWDC Drops Internet Radio Broadcasts 11/20/98

WWDC-AM has confirmed it has chosen not to continue Georgetown University basketball broadcasts on the Internet this fall.

Georgetown has broadcast its basketball games on WWDC-AM for 16 years prior to the sale of the station to Chancellor Media this summer. While college basketball never fit the station's 1940's-era format, and never really made money, the former owners didn't mind. The new owners do mind, however, and in their attempt to improve a station ranked 25th in the market, Internet broadcasting was a cost it would not justify.

In many ways, this is a relationship that has run its course. Sports does not fit into WWDC's format, Georgetown fans are not their target audience, and there may be other stations out there (including WWDC's all-sports sister station, WTEM) that may be a better home for the Hoyas. In addition, it may be possible for Georgetown to broadcast Internet games directly from its web site in the near future, with the likelihood of adding football and lacrosse broadcasts in the process.

In short, there will be no Hoyas basketball on the Internet this year, and it's up to Georgetown to plot a course which will allow for its future return.

What does this mean for the rest of us? Well, we'll post links to any game where the opponent is on Broadcast.com--so far, that's at least eight Big East schools but none of its remaining non-conference opponents. For those at the game, near a TV (or even by a radio), you're encouraged to post scoring updates on the HoyaTalk board for those of us without access to the action.

If you wish to contact WWDC personally, please check their web site for more information.

Alumnus Detained For Harrassing Staff 11/4/98

Georgetown campus security detained and turned over to DC police Kevin Millen, 25, a 1995 Business School graduate and four year letterman, for trespassing on campus. Millen was wanted by authorities following numerous harrassing phone calls made to employees of the basketball office over the past seven months.

Here are links to the Associated Press and Washington Post accounts.

Obviously, this is a serious situation that has been going on for much of the past year and details are sketchy. The program is often referred to as family, and it is not easy for any family to take preventive action against one of its own. Let's hope the situation is resolved without further incident for all parties concerned.


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