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Georgetown Basketball: July 2000 News Archive

Thanks, 'Zo 7/31/00

From the HoyaTalk Board, this link to the Miami Herald and a column of thanks to the personal and community service work of Alonzo Mourning (C '92). Recommended reading.

Georgetown Alumni Enter NBA Summer Leagues 7/31/00

Former GU players Cheikh Dia and Jameel Watkins are on the rosters for the NBA's summer developmental leagues. Here's a link to NBA.com with details.

Recruit Gives Verbal Commitment...Or Did He? 7/30/00

The Recruiting Beat web site reported last week that Georgetown received a verbal commitment by 6-5 WF Darrell Owens of Napoleonville, LA, to join the class of 2005. Fox Sports, however, says otherwise.

Writes Patrick Jira of Recruiting Beat: "Darrell is an athletic player with lots of talent and tremendous potential who can play any position on the court. He played on the New Orleans Jazz AAU team. A great early pickup for the Hoyas."

However, Owens tells Fox that "Georgetown is my No. 1 option right now...But I'm open to everybody. I still have options. I'm considering Texas A&M, Texas, UMass, LSU, Miami and Tulane."

Don't look for any comment from GU--schools are prohibited from discussing any recruits until they sign letters of intent in November.

Georgetown Olympians Prepare For Games 7/23/00

Congratulations to the following Georgetown alumni who qualified this weekend to represent the U.S. at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia:

Alumni previously qualifying for the Olympic team include the following:

According to GUHoyas.com, this is the largest number of Hoyas in the Summer Games, surpassing the mark of five athletes at the 1924 and 1992 Olympics.

Review Of Freshmen In Summer League Play 7/19/00

From the HoyaTalk Board, here's an analysis from "KC Hoya" of the Hoyas in action to date:

Anthony Perry: it seems as though the nagging ankle/foot injuries that have bothered AP over the past season or two are gone. He seemed quicker and he certainly seemed more explosive. He had a few nice moves and a good shake and bake move to get open behind the arc. He also seemed to attack the rim for rebounds and try to put back some missed shots that were sitting on the rim. I was surprised how high he got. Anyone who saw the McDonald's game where he had that great around the back drive and jam knows what kind of explosiveness I'm talking about. He shot also seemed to be falling. Though he missed the long, last second three to tie the game, he hit another 3 pointer just a little bit earlier to bring the Tombs close to BET. He still seems to have trouble dribbling. It seems as though his hands are too small to really control the ball or something. I can't figure it out.

[Omari] Faulkner: I was more impressed with Faulkner than the other posts. Keeping in mind that he's going to get limited minutes, I think he'll be a valuable sub. The one thing that he did well was that he constantly took it to the hole (and was able to get to the rim) and either finish strong to score or get the foul. The problem we've had is that we don't have a 6'6"-6'7" slasher who can dribble penetrate and score or draw fouls.

[Wesley] Wilson: this kid is a beast and people are really going to like him. He is VERY athletic and can run the floor. At one point he had three straight dunks by getting out and running. He also has a serviceable turnaround shot and showed a nice drop step move in Thursday's game. He has such good hops for a big man he often rose above others to snatch the rebound away. He seemed a little more timid on the defensive end than last summer, but he's an excellent shot blocker.

[Michael] Sweetney: didn't get it going a whole lot on Saturday, but the one thing this kid will always be able to do is draw fouls. He is so big and he does NOT drop the ball, he simply gets people on his back to draw the foul. I don't know what kind of FT shooter he is, but his shot looks ok and not of the Jahidi/Boubacar rainbow variety. For a big man he has quick feet and very good spin moves down low. He also seems to have lost a little weight since I last saw him play in the MD state finals.

[Luke] Martin: this kid is a step up from Trenton [Hillier]. He's not going to set the world on fire, but he is exactly what [fans have] been calling for: a pass first PG that can bring the ball up the court and run the offense. He also displayed some flash with his passing and I think he will often be overlooked but will play an important role this year.

Kevin [Braswell] and Lee [Scruggs]: they looked liked the veterans out there. Enough said.

Gaughan: From Hard Courts To Racing 7/15/00

"I was at Georgetown for one reason: to make [the team] better," said professional auto racer Brendan Gaughan (B'97), speaking to the Seattle Times about his three years as a Georgetown walk-on. "I sold my soul out for it. Anything I could do I went twice as hard as my body was able to and pushed it as hard as I could. "The mental toughness... and all the teachings that coach [Thompson] gave me there have paid off in gold."

Gaughan won the Coors Light 200 at Evergreen (WA) Speedway Sunday, picking up a $13,665 first prize.

Georgetown to Meet Howard Dec. 16 7/9/00

Georgetown will play Howard University December 16 at MCI Center, according to the Howard schedule released Monday by the Washington Post. This is the first of a number of non-conference games which should be announced prior to the official Georgetown schedule later this summer.


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