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Thompson III's Nike Compensation Disclosed 7/26/14

It's well known that show companies provide compensation plans to major college football and basketball coaches, but many are kept confidential or otherwise buried in contracts. But because John Thompson, Jr. sits on the Nike, Inc. board of directors, the current coach's compensation plan was disclosed in a regulatory filing, according to the Portland Oregonian.

"The company is paying Georgetown University men's basketball coach John Thompson III base compensation of $200,000 annually and up to $112,000 per year of product and merchandise, for use by him, the basketball staff and team, effective...through August 2019, in an endorsement agreement," reads Nike's SEC Form 14-A, filed Friday. "The agreement includes annual incentive payments of up to $100,000 based on his team's performance," reads the excerpt.

Former coach John Thompson has been on the Nike board of directors since 1991.

Big East Championship Sites 7/26/14

The rotation of hosting Big East conference championships often passed by Washington in the 16 team configuration. Now at 10 schools, Georgetown's lack of athletic facilities continue to make it a non-destination for the Big East championship rotation.

The Big East released its list of championship sites Friday, with Georgetown and Xavier the only conference schools not to host an event. Given the imminent construction of the Thompson Center and the general lack of facilities to host visiting schools, Georgetown's absence was not altogether unexpected.

The campus has previously hosted Big East tournaments in women's lacrosse over the past decade, and once hosted the Big East women's basketball tournament at McDonough Gymnasium in 1991.

Big East Speaks On NCAA Autonomy 7/21/14

A move to offer greater autonomy to five NCAA Division I conferences has raised this question: how will this affect the competitive balance in men's basketball?

"Due to competitive concerns, we believe that team scholarship limits should remain permanently in the shared governance category," wrote the Big East in this link from USA Today.

"If all of the sudden scholarships in men's basketball change and instead of 13, it's 20, you can't predict with complete certainty, but I think it stands to reason that the schools that are heavily funded would have a greater opportunity to recruit and keep those players," said Big East commissioner Val Ackerman. "That may well make it more difficult for every school to feel like it's got a shot at a national championship in the sport. I think that would be bad for college basketball."

Despite a wealth of issues (no pun intended) where the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC seek to diverge from the Division I operating structure, expanding scholarship limits does not appear to be one of them.

"I don't think any of us thought that the number of scholarships should be in an autonomy area, with one exception," said Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany. "The exception would be if either by a court decree or because we went to some form of freshmen ineligibility, there would have to be flexibility in the number of scholarships in any sport affected by that. Short of that, I tend to agree. I think the numbers are where they ought to be. That's not why we went down this road. That has a direct bearing on competitive balance."

A vote on the reorganization plan takes place on August 7.

JT III On Pre-Game Talk 7/18/14

Last month's admission by head coach John Thompson III that he created a pre-game speech for the TV cameras during a Big East game caused its share of attention in press circles. He recently talked with the Sporting News on the larger issue of media access.

"It’s becoming a necessary evil — necessary because of the world we live in. The networks want to give the viewer more, more, more, more," Thompson said.

"But to create the best learning environment for our kids, I think sometimes we don’t need to be miked. We don’t need to be putting on a show 24-7, 365 for the audience. We need to be helping this group that’s in front of us grow up, get better, and become young men."

Stu Jackson Joins Big East Staff 7/16/14

Former NBA coach Stu Jackson was named the director of men's basketball operations for the Big East Conference, reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Jackson, a former assistant at Providence, was an analyst at Fox Sports 1 before making the move to the conference office.

NBA Summer League 7/14/14

Summer leagues are also in the news for the NBA, where Otto Porter scored 25 points for the Wizards this summer and is expected to see more playing in time in 2014-15.

Former Georgetown guard Austin Freeman is seeing action in the Chicago Bulls' summer league team in Las Vegas, scoring 14 points in a game this weekend.

NBA: Pacers Shopping Roy Hibbert? 7/7/14

Following a poor second half finish, league insiders tell the Sporting News that the Indiana Pacers may put center Roy Hibbert (C'08) on the trading block.

Hibbert has two years on his contract at Indiana for $15 million per season.

"They’re open to making major changes, if they’re there,” said one general manager. “I think they’d be disappointed to see that same core group back intact, so it is a matter of, how drastic can the changes they make be? Moving Hibbert for multiple pieces would be a pretty drastic change, but they’re asking."

Georgetown-GW Doubleheader? 7/3/14

Georgetown and George Washington have not faced each other on the basketball court in 33 years. According to CBS Sports, the teams won't play in 2014-15 but will share the stage at a rare Sunday doubleheader, according to reports.

"GW will face Charlotte and Georgetown will face Towson in a doubleheader at the Verizon Center on 12/7/14," wrote CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein at his Twitter feed. Nether school has commented publicly on the report.

The date is significant, in that the first Sunday in December has traditionally been reserved for the BB&T Classic, which has served since 1995 as an annual event for Maryland and George Washington, as well as an annual rebuke of Georgetown by tournament promoter John Feinstein, who took care to remind viewers that Georgetown didn't care about kids, a reference to the Children's Charities Foundation, the fundraising group for the event. Georgetown has never played in the tournament and occasional discussion of its entrance were reportedly opposed by Maryland loyalists on the Children's Charities board.

Attendance has fallen over the last ten years of the event, with the BB&T moving from a two day, four team tournament format to a one day triple header in 2005 and now a one day doubleheader selling less than half the seats in the arena. With diminishing interest among Maryland fans, the move to the Big Ten Conference gave coach Mark Turgeon the cover to end its participation in the event, rendering it defunct.

Georgetown is 4-0 all time versus Towson, the last in 2012-13. The Tigers were 25-11 in 2013-14 behind former Georgetown forward Jerrelle Benimon, now pursuing a free agent opportunity in the NBA summer camps.

 Georgetown and George Washington have not met since Dec. 16, 1981, the 93rd game between the schools dating to 1907. Among Division I schools with at least 20 games versus the Hoyas, it is the fourth longest drought among former opponents, trailing St. Joseph's (33 games, last on January 8, 1980), Holy Cross (20 games, last on February 23, 1980), and LaSalle (24 games, last on December 30, 1980.)

Kenner League 2014 7/3/14

A rite of summer begins this weekend with the beginning of Kenner league summer basketball at McDonough Gymnasium.

Officially known by its sponsor as the "Nike Pro City Jabbo Kenner League", it's simply referred to as the Kenner League, entering its 34th year at Georgetown. Rosters and schedules are posted to the left, although both are subject to change at any time.

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of one of its most memorable moments, when Allen Iverson made his debut at Georgetown, scoring 99 points over three nights in August, 1994. Read more about it in this link to the Georgetown Basketball History Project.

2015 Verbal Reopens Recruitment 7/1/14

Six weeks after he made a verbal commitment to attend Georgetown, rising senior center Noah Dickerson announced via Twitter that he is reopening his recruitment.

No reason was cited for the decision.

"It simply seems the Hoyas have too many talented forwards in the same class," wrote Scott Phillips at NBC Sports.com.

Dickerson, a 6-8, 255 lb. forward/center from Atlanta via Montverde (FL) Academy, committed to Georgetown in May, also via Twitter. Dickerson was rated from #56 nationally as a junior from Rivals.com.

Georgetown officials cannot commit on any recruit pending a letter of intent, which is not available to be signed until November 2014.


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