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Post: Thompson Sought In Initial Prop 48 Discussions 7/25/99

July 25--The Washington Post featured an in-depth report in Sunday's editions on the initial efforts that led to Proposition 48, the genesis of today's freshmen eligibility rules under scrutiny by the courts. According to this link from the Post, the initial committee (which consisted of no minority representatives whatsoever) sought to invite Thompson after Dean Smith could not make the event.

The Post was unable to ask Thompson why he turned down the offer, but perhaps both Smith and Thompson saw the writing on the wall. According to the article, the committee drafted the initial eligibility rules without actually researching that SAT and ACT scores differed significantly among white and black high school students, regardless of athletic ability.

"That's powerful data," said LSU chancellor James Wharton, a committee member who told the Post it was "powerful in the sense that we've got a lot of explaining to do. It's troubling."

Pre-Season Prospectus Issued 7/17/99

The pre-season prospectus, normally seen in November just prior to the beginning of the season, is now posted at GUHoyas.com. Among the important items of note:

--Wesley Wilson, reported to be awaiting summer school grades and/or test scores, is mentioned along with all the reported recruits. If there is any hesitancy about his ability to contribute this season, this press release didn't show it.

--A pair of Georgetown football players will join the team at the conclusion of football season. 6-4 junior Gharun Hester returns as a shooting guard for his second season, while 5-10 freshman WR/K Trent Hillier joins the basketball team as a point guard. Hillier, an all-state honoree in both sports, has already been playing in the Kenner League this summer with the other freshmen.

--Although the UNLV game was discussed in the press, two more opponents discussed on message boards but not previously confirmed were mentioned by the release. Said Esherick in the press release: "Opening with the Maui Classic and facing UNLV, Louisville and Houston as well as our Big East opponents means we will have our work cut out for us. It will be quite a challenge, but I'm happy with our depth at most positions and I think we may surprise some people."


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