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Georgetown Basketball: August 2010 News Archive

Ewing Jr. Signs Free Agent Contract 8/28/10

Former Georgetown forward Patrick Ewing Jr. (C'08) has signed a free agent contract with the New York Knicks prior to the opening of training camp, per a Knicks press release.

Ewing was the last cut from the Knicks in the 2008-09 camp, and was sent to the NBA developmental league. He missed all of last season with an injury.

Big East Schedule Delayed 8/26/10

Much of Big East scheduling is usually completed by late August, but with recent delays in schedule announcements from pro leagues, the conference has to wait. ESPN.com columnist Andy Katz explains the detail to which Big East games are scheduled and some of the delays, including that with Verizon Center, which may further delay this year's release.

New Scoreboard At McDonough Gym 8/26/10

The Georgetown Insider blog at GUHoyas.com has a photo of a new scoreboard at McDonough Gymnasium. The scoreboard notes a "match" and "score" function which will assist with women's volleyball games, which, along with women's basketball, form the majority of games during the school year at the 59 year old facility.

No Change In Big East Tourn. Format 8/24/10

Despite a coaches' recommendation to the contrary, Big East officials have decided to keep the double-bye format for the top four seeds for its 2011 men's basketball tournament, reports Fanhouse, an AOL.com sports website.

Coaches had supported a change where the top four seeds would play Tuesday against the #13-16 seeds and take Wednesday off, rather than the current setup where the top four teams do not play its first game until Thursday. (The top seed in 2010, Syracuse, lost to Georgetown in its opening quarterfinal game.)

The current setup has the favor of ESPN, who is thought to have expressed concerns with a top seed playing in relative obscurity on Tuesday.

Louisville Soars With Suite Revenue 8/23/10

An interesting article on the state of basketball revenues was posted in Sunday's Louisville Courier Journal, where the University of Louisville is receiving a revenue windfall from the sale of luxury suites at the new KFC Yum Center.

Louisville's lease with the downtown arena allows it to keep 88% of suite revenue, which averages $85,000 per suite per year. "The suites have allowed U of L to add more than $11 million to its operating budget for athletics this year, thanks in part to about $3.5 million in additional revenue that will come from the increase in the number of suites at the arena compared to Freedom Hall," writes the Courier-Journal. The article mentions that Verizon Center is the only Big East arena with more suites, but suite revenue at Verizon is directed towards the arena itself and not to tenants such as Georgetown.

US News: Georgetown #21 8/17/10

Off the sports pages, US News has published its annual America's Best Colleges list, with Georgetown University moving up to #21 after remaining 23rd in the poll for four straight years.

The schools comprising the top 25 list is largely unchanged from last year, with the top 25 list adding the University of Southern California and Wake Forest. Athletically speaking, 11 are Division I-A, nine I-AA (Georgetown is the only I-AA entry outside the Ivy League), with none from Division II and seven from Division III. All 27 play men's basketball, while 25 of the 27 play college football (Emory and CalTech do not).

Here are the 2010 totals, with the 2009 rankings in parentheses.

1. Harvard (1) 9. Duke (10) 19. Notre Dame (20)
2. Princeton (1) 9. Chicago (8) 20. Emory (17)
3. Yale (3) 12.Northwestern (12) 21. Georgetown (23)
4. Columbia (8) 13. J. Hopkins (14) 22. California (21)
5. Stanford (4) 14. Wash., MO (13) 23. Carnegie-Mellon (22)
6. Penn (4) 15. Brown (16) 24. USC (27)
7. Cal Tech (4) 15. Cornell (15) 25. UCLA (24)
7. MIT (4) 17. Rice (17) 25. Virginia (23)
9. Dartmouth (11) 17. Vanderbilt (17) 25. Wake Forest (27)

Among Big East schools, 12 other universities were ranked as national universities, with Villanova and Providence listed as 1-2 among a smaller category called "northern universities".

55. Syracuse 75. Marquette 156. Cincinnati
64. Rutgers 136. DePaul 176. Louisville
64. Pitt 136. Seton Hall 176. W. Virginia
69. UConn 143. St. John's 176. S. Florida
Georgetown-Missouri Confirmed 8/13/10

The Missouri athletics web site has confirmed the Nov. 30 game between the Tigers and Georgetown, with ESPNU telecasting the game.

The game will be titled the John McLendon Classic, with a portion of the proceeds directed to the John McLendon Minority Postgraduate Scholarship Awards.

NCAA Launches Coaching APR Database 8/8/10

The NCAA has launched a database by coach to match the four year rolling APR by school by particular coaches. Coaches in football, basketball, and track are currently included, with results dating to the 2004-05 season.

For more information on Georgetown's most recent APR results, check this link from the June 2010 news archive.

CNN: Mutombo Profile 8/2/10

The CNN International network has posted a web profile on Dikembe Mutombo (I'91, H'10) in anticipation of an upcoming program on the NBA All-Star and humanitarian.

"People wonder why I love Africa so much. I say this is where I was born and raised. My roots are in Africa, that's where I developed," Mutombo said.

Mutombo also recalls how his signature NBA move, the block and finger wag, developed.

"One day I woke up and said that maybe I should wag my finger in the face of people that I am trying to block their shot and it will send a strong message," he said. "A few times I didn't get a technical foul for it and then I thought 'OK, this can be a Mutombo signature.'"


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