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Welcome to the HoyaTalk pages. HoyaTalk is designed to be a home for thoughtful discussion on a range of issues involving Georgetown sports.

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The HoyaTalk Boards

The growth in popularity of the original HoyaTalk Board (which dates to late 1996) has now grown to encompass eight unique message boards:

  • HoyaTalk (Georgetown basketball talk.)
  • Football Board (Georgetown footballl talk.)
  • Georgetown Sports (Discussion on other Georgetown varsity and club sports.)
  • Pro & College Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, whatever. All NCAA, non-GU talk also goes here.)
  • Suggestion Box (Ideas for Hoya Blue, the band, and issues of campus spirit.)
  • 37th and O (Discussion of Georgetown and campus-related items only.)
  • Blue & Gray Board (Politics, religion, and civil discussion.)

A password is not required to view any of the boards; however, to post a message on some boards you need to sign up for a password. A confirmation will be e-mailed to you, usually within 12-24 hours. (Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are discouraged because passwords don't always arrive back to these e-boxes. As such, please submit a non-anonymous account.)

Please note that the system assigns a unique password upon registration that is different from the one you used before. You have the option of changing the password back upon your first login.

Your one HoyaTalk password provides you access to all boards.

Basic Rules

The growth of this web site has led to a large increase in readers to the message board. This board is read by any number of Georgetown athletic officials, alumni, students, faculty, and former players. With this in mind, please post responsibly.

Remember, pay close attention to the rules. There are two type of posts, ones that will normally receive a warning before additional activity is taken, and ones which will receive a prompt response without warning.

  1. Avoid posting material from subscription message boards.
  2. Do not post any copyrighted articles, regardless of source, in their entirety. It is OK to use a quote from a daily newspaper, magazine, or recruiting service, but for more than one paragraph of information, a link to the site will suffice. (First, though, check the front page to see if it's already been posted before adding a link on the board.)
  3. Posting repetitive messages with the intent of eliciting negative responses may be subject to post deletion and loss of password privileges.
  4. A large number of readers to this site are Jesuit-educated men and women. Be sure to act like it and refrain from ad hominem arguments.
  5. No profanity. Avoid any words you would hesitate to use in front of your children or your family. Let's keep the tone above that of a chat room.
  6. Using keyboard characters to avoid the wrath of a board moderator (i.e, "@ss") is not acceptable.
  7. No soliciting.
  8. No cross-posting (placing the same message on one, two, or three boards for maximum effect.)
  9. No spam.
  10. AVOID TYPING WITH ALL CAPS...that is considered "shouting" on message boards and is discouraged.
  11. This is not a rumor board. While speculation is a fact of life on message boards, there is a fine line not to cross. Issues of academic standing, intra-team issues, or personal information unsuitable in a public forum concerning recruits, student-athletes, coaches, or staff are unwelcome and may be pulled without warning. If you are citing speculation posted on another message board, note it accordingly. (If you are unsure and have a question, ask offline first.)
  12. The following types of posts are not tolerated and may result in a loss of password privileges at any time:

  13. NO calls to rescind scholarships or fire the staff. Any such posts will be pulled promptly and without warning.
  14. NO personal attacks on fellow posters, Georgetown players, coaches, recruited student-athletes, or athletics staff will be allowed. Any such posts can be pulled promptly and without warning. You may consider the following to be examples of personal attacks, though not limited to:
    • Comments which seek to denigrate, belittle, provoke, or harass
    • Attacks on other posters using their given names without permission.
    • Use of so-called "fighting words" against any person or persons noted above
    • Threats or advocacy of violence against any person or persons noted above
    • Posting personal information about anyone without their expressed consent
  15. NO attempt to impersonate or otherwise use the name of another poster will be tolerated.
  16. NO posting any unsubstantiated claims that could jeopardize or invalidate an individual's NCAA eligibility or a staff member's employment status can be tolerated.

As before, report abusive posts to hoyatalk at Be sure to identify the specific post in question.

Repeated violations of these rules will result in any or all of the following:

  1. Deletion of post
  2. Deletion of all posts by the author in question
  3. Loss of password privileges

All decisions are at the sole discretion of the board moderators.

The board is provided as a courtesy to Hoya fans by ProBoards, which is responsible for its maintenance and its advertising. gets no revenue from the ads posted on these boards.

NCAA Reminder

And, while you all should know this already, a friendly reminder from the NCAA:

"It is against NCAA regulations for a representative of an institution's athletic interests to have any contact with a prospective student-athlete. Such prohibitions include telephone calls, letters, e-mails and in-person contact. Any violation of these regulations causes potentially severe penalties, such as the prospect being prohibited to participate in athletics at that institution and additional penalties against the institution (i.e., loss of scholarships, television ban, etc.).

"Any individual who is an alumnus, benefactor, season ticket holder or simply a fan of the athletics programs at Georgetown University is considered a representative of their athletics interests and is subject to these restrictions.

"The only individuals who are permitted to contact prospective student-athletes about their interest in attending Georgetown University are certified institutional staff members, such as coaches, athletics administrators or other University officials.

"Please note that according to NCAA regulations an individual is considered a prospective student-athlete until the day they enroll at the institution or report for the first day of preseason practice. Therefore, the above restrictions are applicable until that time. In addition, if a prospective student-athlete signs a Letter-of-Intent to attend Georgetown University, an institution's athletics representative is not permitted to call that prospect and congratulate them on their signing - this is also a violation and could jeopardize the prospect's eligibility."

NOTE: By submitting an e-mail and/or participating on the boards, I agree to the rules of this page (including the NCAA advisory above) and to abide by same. I understand that abuse of these rules will subject me to any or all of the sanctions indicated above, including the loss of password privileges on the board. All posts submitted are at the sole discretion of the board moderators for approval and may be deleted (as cited above) with or without prior notice.

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