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Georgetown And The NFL

Unbeknownst to most fans, Georgetown alumni have been a part of numerous NFL teams over the years, from the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins to now-forgotten franchises like the Newark Tornadoes and the Pottsville (Pa.) Maroons.

The first Georgetown men in the pro ranks were there at the start of the league. When assembling the first NFL team at Canton, Ohio in 1920, player-coach Jim Thorpe knew well of Georgetown, having competed against them at Carlisle in the early 1900's. He selected five Georgetown men to fill out his original 24 man roster, more than from any other college.

The zenith of Georgetown's NFL representation came in the early 1940's. A record ten members of the 1941 Orange Bowl team went into the NFL ranks, chief among them Al Blozis [C'42], arguably the greatest athlete in Georgetown history. Blozis earned Rookie of the Year and NFL All-Pro honors with the New York Giants before serving in World War II, where he was killed in battle in 1945. Blozis' #32 is among the few jersey numbers ever retired in the Giants' storied football history.

Georgetown alumni have also made their mark as team owners and executives. Among them are:

  • Art Rooney(ex-C'22), a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame attended both Georgetown and Duquesne in the 1920's. Rooney was the long time chief executive of the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1933 through his death in 1988.
  • Sam Cordovano (C'30), who was owner and general manager of the original Buffalo Bills from 1946-1949 when they played in the the All-America Football Conference (AAFC).
  • William Shea (L'31), a part owner of the Washington Redskins in the 1960's. Shea, who helped bring National League baseball back to New York in 1962, is the namesake of New York's Shea Stadium, former home of the New York Jets.
  • Dan Reeves (C'32), owner of the Cleveland and Los Angeles Rams from 1941 through his death in 1971, also a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Reeves was the first NFL owner to break the color barrier after World War II and was the first owner to achieve success with a pro football team on the West Coast.
  • Edward Bennett Williams (L'44), an owner of both the Washington Redskins and baseball's Baltimore Orioles during his long career as one of the nation's most prominent attorneys;
  • Charles Bidwill, Jr. (C'50), former president of the Chicago/St. Louis Cardinals from 1960 to 1972;
  • William Bidwill (C'53), president and majority owner of the St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals since 1972;
  • Carmen Policy (L'66), former president of the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns; and
  • Jerry Jones, Jr. (C'92), vice president of the Dallas Cowboys and president of its Arena League team, the Dallas Desperados.

The seventh commissioner of the NFL was also a Georgetown graduate--Paul Tagliabue (Class of 1962). He served the NFL as commissioner from 1989 through 2006.

There are 50 alumni with NFL experience, listed below:

Barron, Jim (T)

  • Rochester Jeffersons 1921

    Blozis, Al (T)

  • New York Giants 1942-1944

    Buzbee, Alex (DE)

  • Washington Redskins 2007

    Castiglia, Jim (FB, LB)

  • Philadelphia Eagles 1941, 1945-1946
  • Baltimore Colts 1947 (AAFC)
  • Washington Redskins 1947-1948

    Comstock, Rudy (G,T)

  • Canton Bulldogs 1923, 1925
  • Cleveland Bulldogs 1924
  • Frankford Yellow Jackets 1926-1929
  • New York Giants 1930

    Connaughton, Harry (T)

  • Frankford Yellow Jackets 1927

    Corcoran, Art (TB)

  • Canton Bulldogs 1920
  • Cleveland Indians 1921
  • Akron Pros 1921-1922
  • Buffalo All-Americans 1923

    Cordovano, Sam (G)

  • 1930 Newark Tornadoes

    Doolan, Jack (DB, WR, TE)

  • Washington Redskins 1945
  • New York Giants 1945-1946
  • Chicago Cardinals 1947-1948

    Dubofsky, Maurice (G)

  • New York Giants 1932

    Dwyer, Bob (TB)

  • Orange Tornadoes 1929

    Flaherty, Jim (TE, HB)

  • Chicago Bears 1923

    Flavin, Jack (FB, CB)

  • Buffalo All-Americans 1923-1924

    Frank, Joe (T)

  • Philadelphia Eagles 1941-1943

    Ghecas, Lou (HB, DB)

  • Philadelphia Eagles 1941

    Gilroy, Johnny (RB, DB)

  • Canton Bulldogs 1920
  • Cleveland Tigers 1920

    Golsen, Gene (FB, DB)

  • Louisville Colonels 1926

    Golsen, Tom (G)

  • Louisville Colonels 1926

    Gormley, Tom (G)

  • Cleveland Tigers 1920

    Green, Larry (TE, G)

  • Canton Bulldogs 1920
  • Hammond Pros 1921

    Hagerty, Jack (TB, DB)

  • New York Giants 1926-1930, 1932

    Itzel, John (FB, LB)

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 1945

    Jawish, Heinie (T, G)

  • Pottsville Maroons 1926

    Kenyon, Bill (TB)

  • New York Giants 1925

    Kercher, Bob (DE)

  • Green Bay Packers 1944

    Koshlap, Jules (HB, DB)

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 1945

    Lascari, John (DE)

  • New York Giants 1942

    Lio, Augie (G, LB, K)

  • Detroit Lions 1941-1943
  • Boston Yanks 1944-1945
  • Philadelphia Eagles 1946
  • Baltimore Colts 1947 (AAFC)

    Liston, Paul (G)

  • Newark Tornadoes 1930

    Matuza, Al (C, LB)

  • Chicago Bears 1941-1943, 1946

    McGrath, Frank (E)

  • Frankford Yellow Jackets 1927
  • New York Yankees 1928

    McQuade, Johnny (TB, LB)

  • Canton Bulldogs 1922

    Metzger, Lou (FB, DB)

  • Louisville Colonels 1926

    Mooney, Jim (TE, T, G, LB)

  • Newark Tornadoes 1930
  • Brooklyn Dodgers 1930-1931
  • Cincinnati Reds 1933-1934
  • Chicago Cardinals 1935

    Morelli, John (G, LB)

  • Boston Yanks 1944-1945

    Murtagh, George (C, G, DE, DT)

  • New York Giants 1926-1932

    O'Connor, Dan (G, T)

  • Canton Bulldogs 1920
  • Cleveland Indians 1921

    Paternoster, Angelo (G, LB)

  • Washington Redskins 1943

    Perpich, George (T)

  • Brooklyn Dodgers 1946 (AAFC)
  • Baltimore Colts 1947 (AAFC)

    Plansky, Tony (FB, DB, K)

  • New York Giants 1928-1929
  • Boston Braves 1932

    Rawlings, Bob (FB, TB)

  • Buffalo All-Americans 1922

    Ricca, Jim (DG, DT)

  • Washington Redskins 1951-1954
  • Detroit Lions 1955
  • Philadelphia Eagles 1955-1956

    Scalzi, Johnny (TB)

  • Brooklyn Dodgers 1931

    Sorce, Russ (T)

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 1945

    Stralka, Clem (G)

  • Washington Redskins 1938-1942, 1945-1946

    Tomaini, John (T)

  • Orange Tornadoes 1929
  • Newark Tornadoes 1930
  • Brooklyn Dodgers 1931

    Waite, Carl (HB, TE, FB, DB, T, G)

  • Frankford Yellow Jackets 1928
  • Orange Tornadoes 1929
  • Newark Tornadoes 1930

    Werder, Dick (G)

  • New York Yankees 1948 (AAFC)

    Whalen, Tommy (E, C)

  • Canton Bulldogs 1920
  • Cleveland Indians 1921

    Zuidmulder, Dave (HB)

  • Green Bay Packers 1930

    Source: The Encyclopaedic History of Pro Football, 1895-1959, ©1974.


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